Saturday, August 19, 2006


Hurrying, hurdling, stumbling, falling, running, and jumping on the paths of my life, I (must not) surrender and flounder while crawling, walking and flying along.
The paths have been treacherous and inspirational as well, and I’m motivated and resolved to stay on track.
Exploring troublesome, explosive and inspiring experiences, I consciously transpire to go higher and higher... desiring aspiring.
Go left, right?, as the dead end STOPs, as the sopping mop drops!
I'm not 'always' near a sane place in numbness where darkness and brightness prevail and angelic devilish loving brilliance exists.
Where visions and sounds emanate and entangle.
Sensing an understanding of (my) habitat, my thoughtful feelings are double-sided sparking candles.
When sparked in flight, they are soaring with wings that flutter convictions and knowledge and fable.
Fire, water, earth and air irrigate and sustain the world as I burn as a flame melodically (with)in it.
A necessary care?!, without the air? My soul dares.
Drenched and stained as a blustering inferno, enveloped within sight and lighter than air.
I‘m surrounded, embraced and composed of rain, dirt and loving light.
I stand within my own paths as progression takes place during day and night.
Through them as the wind I continue my flight.
As lightning arouses me toward the wind, I'm making me eager for romance in “The End”.
Is it coincidence?
I believe not!, because harmony exists as wind strongly gusts in direction of my bliss, and fixes me on universal earth’s tender kiss.
Spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds.
The experienced ensembles that I use for clothing, help me continue to explore inevitable joyful mourning all mornings and evenings before me (since the paths are embodied within a momentous time’s journey).
It's wide open before me... used to adorn me, and given unto me by Thee.


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